2-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Kits Treatment Instructions


2-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Kits

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Motorcycle Engine Treatment Ratios

 ***NOTE: Read through the entire instruction sheet before installing any Microlon Products.

To Install the Microlon Products-

  1. Bring the engine to operating temperature.

  2. Shut the engine off to apply the product.

  3. Shake the Microlon containers for at least one minute. Add the measured amount of engine treatment to the mixed fuel and add to the engine’s fuel tank.

  4. Immediately operate the engine for an hour.

    ***NOTE: Microlon is compatible with all 2-Stroke oils including synthetics. Only add Microlon to a mixed fuel container or to the fuel tank. DO NOT add to oil injection tanks.

    ***NOTE: If your motorcycle has been unused for some time, it is recommended that the engine is run to check for seal leaks. Long-term storage may cause seals to become brittle and dry and can lead to cracks and leaks. Any leaks found should be repaired prior to Microlon treatment.