Aircraft Engine Treatment Instructions


Aircraft Engine Treatment

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 ***NOTE: Read through the entire instruction sheet before installing any Microlon Products.

To Install the Microlon Products-

  1. Change your oil and oil filter. Change your fuel filter if possible.

  2. After the fueling and pre-flight inspection have been completed, bring the engine to operating temperature and shut the engine down.

  3. Shake the Microlon containers for at least one minute.

  4. Add the Microlon Engine Treatment but do not exceed 20% of the total oil volume at any one time. It may be necessary to add the remaining product after the cleaners have done their job and left the engine.

  5. If your aircraft has multiple fuel tanks, add the Microlon Fuel Treatment to a 1/2 tank of fuel or less. Run that tank as low as possible during the run-in time before switching. If your aircraft has a single fuel tank, add the fuel treatment to that tank.

  6. Start up the engine and immediately fly for at least 2 hours. If any remaining engine treatment needs to be added later, repeat these steps and operate the engine for another two hours.

    ***NOTE: Do not change your oil for at least 15 flying hours after treatment to make sure that you get the full benefits of a Microlon Engine Treatment.

    ***NOTE: Microlon is compatible with all oils & fuels including synthetics.