Gun Juice Application Instructions


Gun Juice™

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The advanced technology formula in Microlon® Gun Juice™ cleans and protects your firearms. First it will remove all but the most stubborn fouling from your gun’s bore which then allows the protective micro-thin dry-film lubricant particles to impregnate the metal pores. You will notice smoother operation of all moving parts, an increase in muzzle velocity and improved firing accuracy and consistency. The dry film lubricant will also help prevent rust and corrosion to your weapon, and because Gun Juice is NOT a gun oil, your weapon will not attract damaging dirt, dust or grit.


  1. SHAKE WELL! This is extremely important because the lubricating resins in the formula can settle and separate during shipping or storage.

  2. Clean the bore of the weapon thoroughly to remove copper, lead and carbon deposits using either Microlon Gun Juice, which is an excellent cleaner, or the product you currently use. We recommend using Gun Juice with a bore brush because it not only removes fouling from your gun's bore but it prepares the metal to receive the protective, microscopic dry-film lubricant resins found in the formula.

  3. After cleaning, wet a patch with the Microlon Gun Juice and pull it the length of the inside of the barrel.

  4. Fire the weapon and then pull another patch through the bore. It is important to fire the weapon while the Gun Juice is still wet, since this will more evenly distribute the resin into the metal of the bore!

  5. Repeat until 8-10 patches with Gun Juice have been pulled the length of the barrel and the weapon has been fired 10 times. Stainless Steel requires 20 patches, due to its tighter structure.

  6. Re-sight the weapon, if possible.

  7. Microlon Gun Juice may be applied to all moving parts of the firearm by wiping and polishing the parts with a soft cloth moistened with Gun Juice. Heat external metal with a hair dryer or heat gun and work Gun Juice into the metal using a soft cloth or chamois.



    In addition to performing steps 1- 7, apply Gun Juice to the center rod to lubricate the cylinder and make it spin more easily. Just raise the barrel in the air and add a few drops to the rod and spin. Repeat as necessary for ease of operation. Also use Gun Juice to clean and treat the individual chambers to ease insertion of shells and to protect the metal surfaces.



    In addition to performing steps 1- 7, apply Gun Juice to lubricate the slide to improve the slide action. With Glocks, and other weapons using Tennifer, the slide or any parts treated with the Glock Tennifer process, Microlon Precision Oiler or Microlon Assembly Lube should be used. Wipe away any excess oil or grease after the slide is sufficiently lubricated.


    Rifles and Shotguns

    In addition to performing steps 1- 7, apply Gun Juice on rifle bolts, levers, hammers, triggers, and pump-guides on shotguns. It is important to operate moving parts while still wet with Gun Juice so that the resin distributes evenly throughout the metal pores.

    ***CAUTION: Do not let Microlon Gun Juice stand on finished wood surfaces. If possible, remove non-metal parts while cleaning weapons. Wipe excess liquid from wood surfaces promptly. Do not leave container open for extended periods as Microlon Gun Juice will evaporate quickly, reducing its penetrating properties. Any parts treated with the Glock Tennifer process should be treated with Microlon Precision Oiler or Microlon Assembly Lube. Always observe proper gun safety.

    ***NOTE: If you purchased Gun Juice Sportsman’s Kit, you may use the Assembly Lube on all sliding parts of a weapon, such as the guides for the slide mechanism on a semi-automatic, or the pump guides of a shotgun. Excess Assembly Lube should be removed with a soft, dry cloth before using the weapon.


    Microlon Gun Juice is available in 1 oz and 4 oz.

    Microlon Gun Juice Sportsman’s Kit includes 1 oz. of Gun Juice and .75 oz Assembly Lubricant for complete gun care.