Microlon for Waxing


Microlon Ultimate Shine Features:

  • Quick, Sparkling, High-Gloss Finish
  • Protects Painted Surfaces , Glass, Plastics, Vinyl and Polycarbonate
  • Leaves NO Chalky Residue
  • Quick Detailer & Touch-Up Spray
  • Protects Your Finish against Water, Mud, Tar, Pollen, and Road Dust

    Give your car that showroom finish in just minutes.

    Microlon Ultimate Shine is the complete surface treatment formulated to create a tough, long-lasting shield on any smooth surface. Use it to extend the life of a paste wax or as a spot detailer. It’s as easy as spray and buff away.  Environmentally friendly.


    To apply: 

    Shake the bottle thoroughly and frequently during application. Spray onto a clean area and immediately buff to a shine.


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