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Microlon Support Files

Product Instructions (PDF)

Gun Juice Instructions
2-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Kits
Diesel Engine Treatment Instructions
Car/Light Truck Engine Treatment Instructions
Marine Engine Treatment Instructions
Transmissions, Differentials, Power Steering & Wheel Bearings
Aircraft Treatment Instructions
Large Aircraft Treatment Guide

FAA Letter of Acceptance

FAA Acceptance 1979

Advertising Archives

Two Guys Garage (PDF)
Two Guys Garage (MPG)
Car Goods Cover (PDF)
Car Goods Product Page (PDF)

Material Safety Data Sheets in PDF format for the Microlon product line.

Assembly Lube
Automatic Transmission Treatment
Chassis Lube
CL-100 Fuel
Compound 90
Cooling System Treatment
Gun Juice
Heavy Duty Grease
High Temperature Grease
Microlon Engine Treatment SDS
Microlon Fuel Treatment SDS
Light Weight Oil (Precision Oiler)
Power Steering Treatment
Racing Formula
Refrigeration Oil
Wheel Bearing Grease