Microlon Transfer Case Treatments (Engine Treatment for automatics and C-90 for manual) reduce friction which helps to prevent corrosion and wear.


  • Extend the Life of Your Automatic Car Engine

  • Reduce Fuel Consumption

  • Increase Horsepower & Torque

  • Decrease Maintenance Cost


  • On the inside of an engine, adding Microlon changes the properties of the metal surfaces.

  • The ONE-TIME treatment penetrates the metal surfaces, leaving behind a super-slippery film.

  • Metal-to-metal contact is changed to Microlon-to-Microlon contact.

  • Less energy used to overcome friction = More energy to your drive train.

Microscopic view of metal surface


Demonstration of Microlon metal treatment







Without Microlon


With Microlon



Microlon Engine Treatment, the same formulation used in your car's engine, provides excellent lubrication in gearboxes, such as an automatic transfer case. It cleans the metal surfaces in your transfer case, then covers the metal-to-metal contact surfaces with a durable micro-thin super-lubricant, thereby reducing friction and preventing corrosion and wear. You only need to treat your transfer case once to reduce maintenance and extend its life.


We also have friction-reducing treatments for the whole vehicle - including power steering, transmissions, differentials, transfer cases, wheel bearing grease, chassis grease and fuel systems.

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