Outstanding strength and adhesive properties and is our best all-around grease.


  • Water Resistant

  • REDUCE Friction & Wear in Extreme Environments

  • Wide Variety of Applications


  • On the inside of an engine, adding Microlon changes the properties of the metal surfaces.

  • The ONE-TIME treatment penetrates the metal surfaces, leaving behind a super-slippery film.

  • Metal-to-metal contact is changed to Microlon-to-Microlon contact.

  • Less energy used to overcome friction = More energy to your drive train.

Microscopic view of metal surface


Demonstration of Microlon metal treatment







Without Microlon


With Microlon



Microlon Hi-Temp Grease is a water-resistant, extreme-pressure, heavy-duty wheel bearing and general purpose grease. It is manufactured from selected lubricating oil stocks and thickened with a complex soapstock. It contains additional rust inhibitors that help the Microlon resin protect metal surfaces under extreme service. This unique composition provides outstanding film strength and adhesive properties. As a result, Microlon Hi-Temp Grease is particularly effective in providing low wear in shock load service and is the best all-around Microlon grease.


We also have friction-reducing treatments for the whole vehicle - including power steering, transmissions, differentials, transfer cases, wheel bearing grease, chassis grease and fuel systems.

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