Almost Half a Million Miles! - 1989 Jetta

Almost Half a Million Miles! - 1989 Jetta

Hello there, I just wanted to send you a testimonial.

I am just in the process of booking my nearly 30 year old car in for its fifth timing belt replacement and hope to keep driving it a few more years. I don’t know how much was regular maintenance, high quality German engineering, or the Microlon Engine Treatment added right after purchase, but my car odometer just turned over 720,000 kms!

Back in April 1989 I bought my VW Jetta new but a well-used demonstrator from a Vancouver dealer with 4000 kms. I next added Microlon Teflon Oil Treatment to the engine at 10,595 kms, and kept up with proper oil changes and repairs. It is a daily driver, meticulously maintained with mostly original paint and body, and with some high performance brake and chassis work, it is of obvious appeal to VW enthusiasts. However, I have kept the engine totally stock and enjoy very good mileage despite only a 3 speed automatic, with no overdrive. I will use your engine treatment on my next car whether I buy used or new—I believe there is nothing like it out there. Now I am interested in the other applications of your metal treatment science.

Thank you Microlon.

– Chris N, Victoria BC

Extra info: It is a rare Jetta Flair Edition, special paint color, with only two doors and an automatic transmission. No overdrive means that when I travel to visit my father every month, the engine runs at 4000 rpm for over one hour at the 120 km speed limit. The engine is a 1.8 litre EFI 8 valve, and now almost thirty years later, the valve cover has only been removed once to change the gasket from cork to rubber. In other words, the original engine valve-train is untouched, though the car auto transmission needs a rebuild about every 250,000 kms. The suspension, brakes, wheels and tires are all upgraded for performance driving in the twisty mountain roads here in B.C. The wheels are 15 inch Freedom Design alloys, and the perfect size for such a light car (weighs only  970 kilos—less than a Miata).

I have to add a litre of oil about every 1000 kms for mostly leakage past the piston rings and some slight blue smoke from the tailpipe. I live alone and have driven almost non-stop once to the Mexican border and once to St John’s NFLD from Victoria, back when the engine had around 440,000 kms on the odometer. Around here, my little black sedan gets regular workouts as a daily pleasure driver, reliable, and looking very well preserved.

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