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Best Marco Smeets, 

I should like to inform you about the products of our experiences. We use this product for  quite some time and we like it very much. It concerns your product the Microlon Precision Oil. One of our employees (Wouter Schonhoven) is working in the Green section of the outdoor service, uses your product now for quite some time and is very pleased with it. In the past we used a Teflon product to our Stihl hedge trimmer type HS86R to lubricate, but in the end we got problems with it. The first approach of Teflon is good only it mingles with the juices from the leaves of the trees and/or from the bushes which makes it a resin and gets sticky on the knives of the Stihl hedge trimmer HS86R. This forms a hard layer on the knives, what causes problems. Through this the Stihl hedge trimmer HS86R is working heavier and must be sanded very often to get this off the knives. When a Stihl hedge trimmer HS86R is not been used for a few days one has the problem that the knives stuck together (glued by the resin) and you have to use any violence to get them separately.

Since Wouter and another college use your Microlon Precision Oil they experience very pleasant results and they are very satisfied with this product. The Microlon Precision Oil is particularly smooth, he is not sticky and doesn't get sticky. He doesn't mix together with the juices and thereby runs smoothly and is easier to use. Even after a few days when the Stihl hedge trimmer HS86R is not been used he works problem free. Reducing chance of the resin is also a thing of the past. The sanding is also no longer an issue. We also experience less drain on the knives as before and one has much less dirt as before. With Microlon Precision Oil you don't have to lubricate the Stihl hedge trimmer HS86R as often as before than with the Teflon. A couple of drops on each knife is sufficient for a perfect result. In short summary: we, the Municipality are very happy with the Microlon Precision Oil. Any advice to the Stihl hedge trimmer HS86R in advance first clean it with the Rapid Cleaner or the degreaser VMD39 and then apply a few drops on each knife from the Microlon Precision Oil in order to obtain a perfect result. Too much is just not necessary and also increases the costs.


In the meantime, we also used another product of yours the Microlon Fuel System Treatment and have treated a 2 stroke Chain Saw from the branch Husqvarna motor type I25HS75 and a Stihl motor type MS200T with mixing it into the 2 stroke fuel. Marco Smeets claimed that there would be a clear improvement if one would use the Microlon Fuel System Treatment in 2 stroke engines, and the answer is definitely YES.

The chainsaws Husqvarna I25HS75 and the Stihl MS200T react NOW much faster (if one comes to the throttle) response directly and also run quieter. You only use 2oz (70 ml, this depends on the CC's of the engine) of the Microlon Fuel System Treatment. This is needed for the 1st treatment, they advise to treat each machine 2 times and then it is treated for life.

You can use Microlon without problems in a 2 stroke engine—it's a perfect alternative to avoid a lockup—what especially happens and occurs with 2 stroke engines!


Yours Sincerely,


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