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For Computers & More!

Netherlands, Groot Genhout

To the distributor of Microlon Europe,

I’m  learning for ICT network administrator as a bachelor so I have a little bit of knowledge and interest in computers. I’m using the Microlon Precision Oil now for a while for almost everything where I can use it on and the last time I was busy cleaning up my computer and I thought to myself why not use the Microlon Precision Oil on the fans so that they can go more flexible in use.

The result was almost astonishing what you can do with a few drops of Microlon Precision Oil!!!! 

Before the Microlon Precision Oil see the values on the left side > values before application

After the Microlon Precision Oil see the values on the right side > values after application 

Computer internal system overview



As you can see (in the link above) the values are nicely sunk in terms of temperatures and spin speed. We speak about a fan with a diameter of 10 cm and 5 cm of the GPU and on the CPU

If we speak about temperatures see TEST IMAGE and look at table 1 (voor het aanbrengen of the Microlon) and table 2 (na het aanbrengen of the Microlon);

The temperature of the SYSTIN was for Microlon

41 °C and 28 °C after treatment with the Microlon (green circled in the overview),

' n reduction of 31,71%


The temperature of the CPUTIN was

46 °C for the Microlon and after treatment 39 °C with the Microlon (purple circled in the overview)

' n reduction of 15,22%


The temperature of the AMD processors was

32 °C for the Microlon and after treatment 28/29 °C with the Microlon (Orange circled in the overview)

'n reduction of an average of 10.94%


The Rearden HD6650 (the video card) was

59 °C for the Microlon and after he was cleaned and equipped with the Microlon Precision Oil he was dropped to 51 °C (red circled in the overview)

' n reduction of 13,55%


This temperature is very important for a video card. I have my PC now again for a long time running and I must say that I hardly hear any sound.

I have used the Microlon Precision Oil on my printer the last time he was squeaking too hard. Just cleaned everything (wiped off with paper), 4 droplets and it's totally gone.

In my free time I am an avid shooter (on competition level) in the field of Paintball shooting. When I dissemble and assemble my marker (the rifle) I normally lubricate all moving parts with a Grease Gun or a similar product. Since I've come into contact through my work with Microlon, I am very pleased about this product. The Microlon Precision Oil is totally not greasy and will not be greasy which is also a very pleasant property is in the area of lubrication. Marco Smeets (Microlon distributor Europe) and I had spent a long time for treating my Paintball Marker (the heat process with the Microlon Gun Juice) and I hope to be able to test him very soon. I'm very curious to see the results. What struck me anyway is that the sound values went down. Normally I had a loud noise when I shoot with the Marker before but now it has a much less hard bang, a sign for me that the Microlon is present.


Sincerely, a very joyful Microlon user–

Niels Hopmans 

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